R&B raconteur Apache Grosse unveiled a moving second EP, Life After Her, on 15 December 2023. After a transformative journey through Europe and Asia, he plunged himself into the world of music. Five years in the making, this project merges the realms of music and film, pairing the EP with a 13-minute psychological short film, directed by LA-based director Daniel Mayúgba and set to release in January 2024. The project’s release unfolded over eight weeks, with each week revealing a new song accompanied by live performances and visual glimpses from the film. An artistic collaboration involving over 80 different artists, this project is an audacious multi-modal odyssey.

Life After Her is an anthology of five songs that explores the themes of maddening ego, reflections on fleeting moments of profound love, and the peculiar numbness found in the peaks of success. While retaining a strong undercurrent of R&B, the EP displays an eclectic range of styles, from synth-pop dance beats to dark, theatrically inclined ballads. Each track encapsulates a moment in Apache’s seven-year odyssey in the music industry, bringing to light the spectrum of emotions and hurdles he confronted.

Structured into six distinct chapters, the accompanying short film invites viewers into a unique realm with each new episode, offering an array of stunning visuals and environments that differ dramatically from one another. Renowned composer Tony Scott Green & Apache collaborate to create a mesmerizing original score with minimal dialogue and immersive soundscapes. Utilizing deconstructed elements from the album, It shapes a soundscape that echoes the emotional nuances and themes of a young musician trying to find his place in an ever-changing world, thus crafting a harmonious synergy between the music and the film.

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