As we all should know by now, new methods of smart tech are continuing to envelop realms traditionally occupied by human beings. Research continues to plough resources into developing at an accelerating pace, and creative fields are no exception. So what’s your take on IBM teaming up with producer Alex Da Kid to write a pop song? Can software write like a flesh-and-blood musician?

2016 has been yet another leap forward for artificial intelligence in the fields of problem solving and artistry. Language translation, self-driving cars and all forms of the humiliating defeat of the humans that created it. And now, many DJs and music producers are beginning to ponder how AI can be used to make better music.

IBM is at the forefront, developing software that analyses pop song lyrics and the English language to provide an alternative source for human-inspired lyrics dealing with all types of emotion.

Even love.

The product of a 2016 collaboration between Alex Da Kid and IBM Watson Beat was a heartbreak song called “Not Easy”. The song details the loss of love in a breakup.

 IBM Watson Beat is expected to be released to the public fairly soon, which continues the trend of raising eyebrows over corporate ownership of copyright in addition to publishing right.