California-based Sierra Leonean producer Thy Young, also known as Francis Tiffa Williams, dropped his latest single, ‘Luck,’ featuring Rahim, on March 28, 2024 through Survival Records, LLC. It’s a teaser for his upcoming album, Scent of Amie, set to release on June 14, 2024. Thy Young has earned acclaim for his production skills, being recognized as one of Sierra Leone’s top producers. His impressive roster includes work with artists like Kontri Boss, Dom B., and Swadu Natasha Beckley, among others. He’s a two-time winner of the Best Music Producer award at the Sierra Leone National Entertainment Awards (NEAs) in 2020 and 2021. His track record includes producing hits like ‘Champion’ by Shadow Boxxer & Mellow Seven, featured on CNN Inside Africa. Influenced by icons like 2Pac, 50 Cent, Jimmy B., and Amie Kallon, Thy Young’s sound resonates with fans of Rema, Davido, and Obongjayar, promising a rising trajectory in his solo career.

‘Luck,’ produced by Thy Young with co-mixing/mastering by Steven Glaze, features Rahim’s passionate vocals over an infectious afro-swing beat. Thy Young’s production, enriched with sweet guitar, soulful vocals, and triumphant horns, inspires movement and joy.

Thy Young revealed: “‘Luck’ is a song that is inspired by the love between my late mother and my father. And the bond that is between my partner and me. It is a traditional love song that aims to resonate with everyone.” 

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