Rising star and recording artist Iris Gold welcomes you back into her world of ‘hippie hop’ as she continues her journey to collaborate with Award winning singer, songwriter, musician, producer and Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart on her latest single, Lover of My Own. 

The recording for Lover of My Own was completed at Stewart’s Bay Street Records Recording Studio in the Caribbean and will be released under Stewart’s famed Bay Street Records imprint. 

Describing the single, Gold comments “I’m a natural born flirt but I give it all to my audience now, tiger style. I razzle and dazzle then say bye bye cause I got someone waiting back home, yeah I got a Lover of My Own.”

Gold, born in London but raised in Denmark, quickly made noise in the music industry, attracting attention from stars as diverse as Miguel, Doja Cat, Taylor Swift, and Robbie Williams. Elle Magazine recently noted about Iris’ magical musical powers:  “Iris Gold has got it all – The looks & the charm to take over the world.”

Stewart commented, “Working with Iris was an amazing experience. She’s on fire in every possible way. We recorded an incredible album and she put as much into it as she possibly could; including turning up every day ready to be filmed or ready to write a new song…anything you could possibly imagine. She was always on time and ready for a challenge and she nailed it every single time.  She’s a star if ever I saw one and she lives it every day.”

Gold’s ongoing relationship with Stewart is just another win for the talented artist, who has continually impressed the music industry with her revelatory approach to genre blending.

Describing the inspiration behind the song and the concept of the accompanying music video, Iris explains “Anyone can be who they choose to be. The video is about your wild imagination allowing you to rid the notion of being a black girl singer/rapper stuck in a particular visual game.” Gold continues, “I see many artists being pigeonholed but I also see some amazing artists that are free and experiment. I’m one of those. I love fantasy in every sense of the word. As a little girl I was obsessed with drawing princesses in fairytale dresses. I didn’t see many princesses who looked like me growing up, so in this video I could finally fulfill that fantasy. Marie Afro-nette style.”

Few can harness the unique vision of musical pioneers quite like the iconic Stewart, which is why Gold has jumped at the opportunity to work with him. Together, they’ll continue to develop her peerless style, tapping into her “hippie hop” vibe to further build on Gold’s one-of-a-kind sound.

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