Image credit: Lee Alexander

There is nothing like love to pull you out of reality and sit you down in a world of wonder. Speaking to this, Cimo Fränkel has released his new track, ‘Magical’, under Cimo Fränkel / 100th Meridian Music / AWAL imprint,  a record that reflects upon the feeling of longing for a time when things seemed extraordinary; a time when love permeated everything; a time that would inevitably pass, but to which the artist pays homage, expressing his feelings in the way he knows best. 

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Crooning between octaves, Cimo performs vocal acrobatics. Run after run, he shows a deftness of vocal ability. He draws out just the right words while keeping the rest conversational, giving his vocal delivery a natural quality.  All in all, he describes the song as “…the recognition of the value of a relationship that comes when the storm settles.”

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