Afro-futurist sensations Onipa shared the video for ‘No Commando’ (feat. David Walters) taken from the band’s second full-length album,‘Off The Grid’ which is scheduled for release on the 6th of October 2023 via Real World Records.

The stunning video was shot around Accra in Ghana – where Onipa co-founder K.O.G.’s heritage lies. 

‘Off the Grid’ is a journey that joins the origin story of dance rhythms from Africa to electronic dance music of today’s clubs and festivals, connecting African folklore and storytelling to rap, jazz and hip hop.

The twin creative forces behind Onipa are Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist) and Kweku Sackey (K.O.G. & the Zongo Brigade) – together with Finn Booth on drums and Dwayne Kilvington (a.k.a. Wonky Logic) on synths, have built a life-affirming and highly original world of sound.

Tom Excell talks about ‘No Commando’ and recalling the lyrics he explains: “No Commando is about peace. A call for ‘oneness’ and a look at where ‘sources originate’. Seeing how the power of community can dispel fear and help us to express ourselves with ‘calm’ and ‘ease’. The track was recorded with recycled metals, pots and pans for drums, and a wooden spoon guitar. A musical interpretation of the concept; One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure. Working with David is always a joy. His poetic lyricism resonated with the concepts we explore on ‘Off the Grid’.”

Watch ‘No Commando’ here!

Upcoming Live dates:

25 May – Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam

28 May – How The Light Gets In, Hay-on-Wye

4 June – Earth Garden Festival, Malta

29 June – Festival Med, Portugal

21 July – Bluedot, Macclesfield

12 August – Boomtown, Hampshire

1 Sept – Smugglers Fest, Kent

8 Sept – Highrise Festival, Cambridgeshire

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