South London native DJ Dris has released another captivating single titled ‘Universal Intent’ on UK-based label Born Digital Music. A stalwart in the Electronic music scene, DJ Dris showcases his versatility and signature style with this release. 

Released on 25 June, ‘Universal Intent’ is a bold and energetic Afro house track that illustrates his rich cultural influences and undeniable engaging energy. Known for drawing influence from a variety of genres like Afro Beats, Tribal, Drill, and Funky House, DJ Dris has created an impressively diverse discography.

This year alone, DJ Dris has had over 10 releases so far, and ‘Universal Intent’ is undoubtedly a powerful addition to his arsenal of music.

‘Universal Intent’ perfectly captures the essence of DJ Dris’ signature style, with potent rhythms, shuffled beats, vocals and atmospheric pads creating a compelling sonic experience. Experience the genius of DJ Dris, and dive into ‘Universal Intent’ below.

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