Jamaican-Canadian artist Phoenix Rein released her debut single ‘Spinning Around’ on June 28 2024 via the imprint Knuckle House Music Production. Born in Jamaica, Phoenix Rein’s musical journey began as a child. Since then, she has dedicated years to honing her vocal talents, and also has experience performing with local bands. Today, she’s a seasoned performer ready to enchant audiences with her encapsulating fusion of jazz, blues, and soul.

Phoenix has set herself up for success with her ability to craft emotive performances using her beautiful voice. Throughout her career, Phoenix has garnered multiple accolades, as well as awards for her brilliant songwriting and awe-inspiring performances. 

‘Spinning Around’ is a lively fusion of Disco Pop, perfectly capturing the euphoria of falling in love. The single was produced by the acclaimed duo Dank & Cybin, who are renowned for their impressive track record of hit records. ‘Spinning Around’ showcases Phoenix Rein’s vast vocal range and the producers’ expertise in crafting infectious and memorable music. 

Phoenix Rein’s debut single marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her career. With an abundant portfolio of music ready to be released, she is set to make a lasting impact on the music scene.

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