Amsterdam born Cimo Fränkel is no stranger to the music business having worked with industry giants like Armin van Buuren, Cheat Codes, Yellow Claw, Kriss Kross, and many more; that’s why it’s so refreshing to see that he is back with another solo single, ‘Gamble’.

The prolific musician has a track that went double platinum and won a Buma National Award in the Netherlands, another that has garnered over 120 million YouTube views and earned a Buma National Award and, his biggest number yet with almost 500 million Spotify streams so far, Cheat Codes and Kriss Kross Amsterdam’s ‘Sex’, that went gold in the USA, double platinum in the UK, quadruple platinum in the Netherlands, platinum in seven other countries and also won a National Buma Award. Cimo Fränkel also collaborated with EDM superstar Armin van Buuren on his track ‘Strong Ones’ which has nearly 5 million YouTube views and supported him at multiple sold-out arena shows, including the LA Forum and Amsterdam Arena on his 2016 ‘Armin Only’ Tour.

Cimo Fränkel’s latest offering ‘Gamble’, is true to his modern R&B funk style. It’s no wonder he cites Michael Jackson as one of his inspirations. He manages to keep his own feel on the track while simultaneously channeling the King of Pop in all the best ways. 

Cimo Fränkel comments on his newest single: “I have been going back and forth about writing a 90’s Swingbeat record with new flavours for years. After developing myself as a producer for my own songs I’ve finally been able to make it work. It is very much inspired by the new pop climate as well as the 90’s happy R&B culture.”

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