Siimba Liives Long is well known for his captivating music videos. The internet is still abuzz over the music video for his track ‘Hooked’, which saw the Ethiopian-American being suspended by multiple hooks in his back and legs. ‘Hooked’ was directed by Nick von Gremp and the two obviously struck a  chord together, because Von Gremp is also responsible for shooting, editing and directing Siimba Liive Long’s latest offering, ‘Bad For The Soul’ featuring support from KAMAU.

The brand new video features a much more stripped back production, as everything is shot in a single long take in a somewhat empty apartment. Surrounded by peers and friends all having a good time drinking, dancing and singing along, it’s an intimate look into Siimba Liives Long’s pleasurable life. The video is a lot of fun and will make you wish that you were invited to the festivities. 

On the video, Siimba Liives Long said:

We shot the video by accident basically. It was a day I was shooting IG trailers, and the song came on and we started rapping it. After we started rapping, NvG the director of “HOOKED,” said “Yo run that back I’m going to leave the room and just do what you were doing.” We watched that shit back and it was epic! Funny thing is most wouldn’t notice but it is the SAME studio we shot HOOKED in! It was almost like an extra feel good scene after the credits of a movie, that’s what it felt like and it was shot on my birthday so you know we were lit. Such a good day, such a good video, such a good song

Watch the video for ‘Siimba Liives Long – Bad For The Soul Ft KAMAU’ below –