Rose Leon
SoloSam has been causing waves in the Chicago Hip Hop scene and with the release of his debut EP, ITIS, it is clear that he is ready to flood the world. Samuel Akainyah III pursued a psychology and communications double major while being part of football. It seems as though he was always busy and wouldn’t have the time for a creative output, but as soon as he turned his head towards music, everyone took notice. As far as debut EP’s go, SoloSam’s ITIS is the perfect way to make an entrance. His single ‘Fast’ is rapidly growing and it’s clear why. It’s a jam. While the EP is mostly filled with moody and dark basslines, ‘Breezin & Coolin’ is the perfect summer jam to vibe to while driving around with the windows down. 

Exceptional lyrical work combined with incredible production (all done by SoloSam himself) brings a debut that is hard to ignore. It’s not often that an artist finds their feet this early on and if ITIS is any indication of the future, then we cannot wait to hear his future work. You definitely want to stay ahead of the curve and jump aboard this immediately, because it won’t take long for SoloSam to be all over the charts. Stay up to date and follow him here: FacebookTwitter Listen to ITIS here: