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Ready? Here goes. Graceful songstress Leena and award-nominated producer Kamen have come together to create an emotive collaborative effort titled ‘Planet 333’. Released on the 20th of October, the single is a taste of their forthcoming Sequence 02 EP–a sequel to their previously released project Sequence 01which is set to go public on the 10th of November. It’s worth noting that the Bulgarian singer made the cover of TIDAL: Global Rising, not to mention her other considerable accolades.

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Introduced by a gently strummed guitar, ‘Planet 333’ opens into an effervescence expanse of softly sung poetry and glittery shimmers. Leena’s impassioned vocals reach precipitous heights, presenting moments of power. Self-assured, she belts, shining a spotlight on her stunning ability and raising the heat at a moment’s notice. 

With class, she delivers a soulful r&b record, seducing us with a style that, like the complex working of the deepest emotions, keeps things mysterious. Leena tells us what the song is all about, saying, “Reality vs fantasy. I explore some of my traumas and I meet my alter ego in the middle and take it as far as the Twelfth Dimension.”

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