Kēvens music can be described as a fusion of reggae and drum and bass with a message of peace and love. On the 30th of October, the musician will release his new single ‘Battle For Peace’ via KTF Music. Influenced by his strong relationship with the family of the late singer and activist Bob Marley, Kēvens would follow his own path of a musical career with purpose. With all the challenges that this year has brought Kēvens created a visual summary of this year, featuring news footage of violence and struggle with calming words of hope and wisdom.  

We are pleased to present Kēvens music video ‘Battle For Peace’

Kēvens comments on the video:  “We’ve all been affected by gun violence and the end result of racism, one way or another. Our spirits hurt and we need healing. It is my hope this song will make those who love to point and shoot senselessly to pause just for a millisecond and commit to life instead of death. #endgunviolence4life”

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