As a youngster, Curtis Harding got his first taste of music while touring with his mother Dorothy– a gospel singer. The American soul singer later featured on remixes for Outkast and toured as a backup singer with Cee Lo Green – even co-writing with Green.

He released his first track which he recorded with producer Danger Mouse on the new record titled ‘Wednesday Morning Atonement’. The melancholy clearly comes through in his vocals, smooth and soulful the song tells a pensive story of an absent father.

“The song is a double-entendre. In a literal sense it’s about an estranged father who for whatever reason was not able to be present in his family’s life. Also, the business of music can sometimes pull you away from the art of making it. So metaphorically it’s a story about a musician, and in theory his songs are his children. It was also recorded on a Wednesday,” he said via email to FADER magazine.

The Album is due to be released October 27th 2017 via ANTI-Records. It follows his 2014 record ‘Soul Power’ which got him listed as one of the top ten ‘need to know’ artists by Rolling Stone. Productions on the album are done by Danger Mouse, Sam Cohen and Harding himself.

Watch the video below:

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