Raykeea Wilson otherwise known as Angel Haze has released her latest track “Brooklyn”.  One of her first releases was her candid version of  “Cleaning out my closet” – a mixtape track in which she openly speaks of the sexual abuse she endured as a child.
Her EP Reservation was released in 2012 which ranked 6th for the best mixtape in the same year. Later, she signed a record deal with Republic Records. Her debut album Dirty Gold was released in 2013, featuring the single ‘Battle Cry’.  Her raw and honest style has earned her a place on Glastonbury’s stage opening for Kanye West in 2014.
‘Brooklyn’, a drum-less guitar ballad in which she combines rapping and singing dropped 7 September. Staying true to her strong and outspoken nature ‘Brooklyn’ echoes the pain of missing a loved one.  She mentions on her Soundcloud page that although she does not have big plans for the track, it is still made with love.
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