The Colombian threesome Ghetto Kumbé have released “Tambó”, a blend of melancholy, longing and healing ritual, the last single to be released from their debut album out at the end of July on ZZK Records. The track was premiered exclusively via FLOOD Magazine. With the release of “TambóGhetto Kumbé shared two videos to accompany it an animated version and quarantine version.

After the release of “Vamo a Darle Duro” in March and “Sola” in June this year, two songs that provide a taste of a cathartic, social and visceral album, on July 3 Ghetto Kumbé released “Tambó”, the third and last single from their eponymous debut, out on 31 July.

Tambó” explores for the first time this Afrofuturist trio’s repertoire in the introspective dynamics of love. It is a ritual that is born from melancholy and longing over a love that’s gone, that is far away and has departed forever, but which at the same time sets out on that journey of nostalgia over the loss, understanding the situation and finally reaching forgiveness. Band leader and singer Edgardo GarcésGuajiro” says: “For me the drum and the percussion are something that move me a lot, so it was really important during the healing process, through each beat of the drum and every moment of singing, every dance move, joyful laughter amid the tears. In the end it turned out well, we were able to end up dancing and laughing and thinking happy thoughts.”

As part of the whole concept of the record, this is a song that reflects love from a place of sincerity, organically and intimately, it’s a necessary breath within the tribal spirit of downtempo that characterizes this new release. And as Edgardo says, “this is the moment to breathe, to exhale, and to throw out everything that overwhelms us.”

Tambó” is available on all streaming platforms now.

01. Intro

02. Sola

03. Vamo a Dale Duro

04. Djabe (feat. Melanie)

05. Interludio

06. Pila Pila

07. Cara a Cara

08. Tambó

09. Está Pillao

10. Pide Mas

11. Lengua Ri Suto (feat. Kombilesa Mi)

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