This stunning cinematic music video for ‘Mother of Sun’ (masterfully directed by Mário Melo Costa) is the latest offering from British singer-songwriter and producer, Chantitown. Her debut independent EP, Cause and the Cure, was released on 17 July 2018 and it’s going to blow you away.

The video follows Chantitown on a gloomy secluded beach following a little girl as they make their way through the waves and the surrounding nature. It seems as though the little girl could represent a past-self or even simply a time gone by.

Dressed in a beautiful dark gown, she wades in the water along the rocky shore, looking towards the horizon as if waiting for someone to return; longing as she tries to understand her own emotions.
‘Mother of Sun’ will keep you fixed to the screen as each shot seems to be more beautiful and cinematic than the last. The stark and brutally cold colour grade only adds to each scene as Chantitown’s dress glides across the sand, blending in with the black rocks surrounding her. She fits in with the surroundings as it feels like she is where she belongs.

Watch the video at the end of the post.

‘Mother of Sun’ deals with the longing of a loved one since gone, but lifts you up to remind you that you should never forget the love you’ve experienced.
On the latest single, Chantitown comments: “I have learnt those we love never go away even if they are no longer with us. They are there, walking beside us. No matter how dark life may get, the sun is going to rise. It never ceases to amaze me its power to heal and shine light. I wanted to capture this power, this atmosphere by using drums, percussion, guitar and my voice in the hope this piece would translate to something larger than life, something people could really connect with.”

Chantitown’s debut EP, Cause and the Cure is out on all platforms.

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